Designer Eyeglasses

Hot or Not: Cate Blanchett’s New Eyewear

The only curious case of this Aussie’s new eye wear is where can I find a pair of these glasses.

Primer: Frame types and buying tips

There’s thousands of different kinds of frames to choose from when buying eyeglasses. Don’t worry, Think Designer Eyeglasses has lots of practical tips.

Deal Dlert: Parsley Frames Just $8.95 Until May 3

Eyebuydirect’s deal of the week offers incredible savings on a popular model of women’s frames for those who dare to be original – Parsley frames.

Reading Glasses: Helping You Read the Fine Print

We have a special deal for you – a 10% OFF coupon – for a wide selection of prescription reading glasses from The Glasses Shop. Hurry, deal ends May 3rd.

Watch an ABC reporter do show and tell with her online eyeglasses purchase

ABC reporter Daphne Munro describes how she bought a great pair of eyeglasses for under $25 (including tax and shipping)!


Latest Deals Via Twitter

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Designer Sunglasses

Adidas Sunglasses a981 Jiggy

Adidas Sunglasses a981 Jiggy: These sporty, durable, ultra-light, casual wrap-around designer sunglasses offer great protection against the elements. They have it all.

Deal Alert: Dallas HaberVision Sunglasses Just $50

We’ve got a special price on Habervision Dallas polarized sunglasses: just $50 with our exclusive coupon.

Irie Eyewear: Designer Sunglasses for Cannabis Culture

This company started in 2007 is actually green in the environmental sense as well as the marijuana sense.


Contact Lenses

20% Off Eye Care Accessories at VisionDirect Until May 10

This coupon wil get you 20% off all VisionDirect eye care accessories including solutions, eye drops, sunglasses. reading glasses, lens cases and goggles.

Best deals for free shipping on contact lenses

Shipping charges are such a drag. Learn where to pay the least and get free shipping – and why it can lead to even more savings.

Deal Alert: 15% Off Contact Lenses

VisionDirect has a sweet introductory offer for new customers – and we’ve got the coupon code.